Plastic Injection Molding

Crescent Industries molds a comprehensive range of engineering and commodity resins to manufacture custom injection molded plastic components for the medical, pharmaceutical, dental, defense, safety, electronic/electrical, industrial, aerospace and consumer markets.

Crescent performs a variety of plastic injection molding processes including over molding, insert molding, family molding, and clean room molding utilizing scientific injection molding principles.

  • Over Molding is the process where you take an existing part (substrate) and mold over another plastic component or metal component.

  • Insert Molding is the process of placing metal precision inserts into the plastic injection mold and molding the plastic around the metal inserts.

  • Clean Room Molding takes place in a controlled environment with very low contaminants which can compromise the plastic components.

To manufacture outstanding plastic components we utilize carefully maintained hydraulic and electric injection molding machines both horizontal and vertical/vertical.  Our sizes range from 35 to 385 tons, with shot sizes from .25 to 42.4 ounces.  We apply scientific injection molding and decoupled molding principles to establish our molding processes and have RJG eDart(TM) system monitoring capabilities.

Our injection molding facility is 50,000 square feet and is staffed with associates trained in scientific injection molding principles and certified by RJG and the Global Standards for Plastic Certification.

Injection Molding



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