Mold Maintenance, Repair & Revisions

Injection Mold Maintenance

Preventative mold maintenance can greatly extend the working life of an injection mold.   At Crescent we have a documented injection mold maintenance schedule, so we know exactly when to perform cleanings and inspections after the mold has run a certain amount of cycles.  This schedule is determined by SPI mold classifications, the environment on the mold and what type of material is being used for the end product.  

Maintenance consists of inspecting hot runners and water lines as well as lubricating, cleaning and tightening of all mold components.  Besides a mold maintenance schedule, Crescent keeps a database of all injection mold maintenance performed so it can be quickly referenced when necessary.


Injection Mold Revisions

Sometimes plastic components require a mold revision to improve the performance or enhance the appearance of the part, Crescent provides quick tool modifications and product sampling for approval.


Injection Mold Repair

From time to time the need arises when companies have problem molds, Crescent can help fix these problem molds by utilizing our mold building and injection molding expertise and providing repairs quickly in our in-house tooling facility.


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Mold Maintenance Photos