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The Crescent Team is committed to providing our customers with a manufacturing solution that produces quality plastic components.  Crescent's quality assurance staff will work with you from design through final production of your project.

Our quality team utilizes automated CNC & video inspection equipment (which are calibrated to national standards for testing) for all of our injection molded components.  This eliminates visual and judgment errors, creates measurement reports and allows quick repeatable inspection of complex plastic components.  Along with our automated inspection equipment, we utilize an ERP software system for lot number tracking, process improvements and solving problems before they impact a large number of customers.

Quality Engineering Tools Used At Crescent

Quality engineering tools utilized at Crescent include validation of process function which is beneficial for customers because it provides an opportunity to prevent product from being manufactured that does not meet their specifications.  IQ, OQ, PQ play critical roles in our injection molding process validation procedure and are incorporated requirements of Crescent Industries quality management system.

PFMEA is a documented systemized approach to recognize and evaluate failures or a product or process and its effect on downstream processes.  Control plans are documented appropriate controls throughout the product realization process to ensure that required specifications are achieved.

Crescent is able to perform capability studies for the output of a process to determine the extend to which the process can meet our customers' expectations.

 Our Quality Certifications Include:

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