Crescent Industries offers 3D printing services for plastic components to be used as prototypes, samples and small production runs.  These 3d printed models are produced with production grade thermoplastics so painting, gluing, sanding, drilling and bonding with other 3D printed parts can be completed just like any plastic component.

Our 3D printer system produces ultra-fine details for parts with complex geometries, smooth surface finishes and thin walls down to 0.6mm or 0.024”.   It can also manufacture components with functional living hinges. 

Net build size is 19.3" x 15.35" x 7.9" with a layer thickness that includes horizontal build layers down to 0.0006 inches (or 16 Microns) and a build resolution of 600 dpi for the X & Y axis and 1600 dpi for the Z axis.

The benefits of 3D printed parts:

  • Product Design Review which enables us to fix potential problems or concerns before the mold or production has even started.  These changes can be discussed and decided today and have a tangible part for review tomorrow. 
  • Provides a component for visualization, discussion during project kick-off meetings for overall improvement in manufacturing, production and quality.
  • Ability to set up quality inspection parameters prior to production runs eliminating the delay during production for this process.
  • Manufacture product fixtures prior to production runs.
  • Provide end of arm tooling quickly prior to production runs.

Materials Include:

  • Transparent material for standard plastic simulation requiring dimensional stability and smooth surfaces.
  • Family of Rigid Opaque materials in a variety of colors including white, gray, blue or black
  • Polypropylene like materials for polypropylene-like snap fit applications
  • Family of Rubber-like materials suitable for a range of applications requiring a non-slip or soft surface
  • High temperature materials for advanced functional testing, hot air and water flow, static applications and exhibition modeling
  • Also, specialized material for dental and medical applications

Click to view the PolyJet™ Materials Data Sheet