Crescent Industries utilizes automation, robotics and end of arm tooling to support our injection molding processes and post molding operations, please watch our video to view Crescent's automation solutions in action.

Automation and robots support our injection molding processes and post molding operations by separating runners from parts, feed and unload injection molding presses, assemble components, sort and package parts.

  • End of Arm Tooling is the variety of options that are available to industrial robots and automation to complete manufacturing tasks like vacuum cups, grippers, nippers, sensors and sprue pickers.   These are made to match the product being handled.
  • Our automated work cells are used to perform a variety of multi-task functions within a given work space.  This minimizes the hands on involvement in the overall project.  These are designed by our in-house automation team working in conjunction with outsourced partner.
  • Crescent utilizes Baxter and Sawyer robots to perform specific repetitive actions without variation and with an extremely high degree of accuracy.  These actions are determined by programmed routines that specify the direction, acceleration, velocity deceleration and distances.  The robots are programmed by our automation engineers and team.  

By utilizing automation our customers benefit by increased throughput and cost savings.  Please read our case studies on how Crescent's automation solutions achieved increased throughput and cost savings for our customers.