Custom Injection Molding Solutions for Your Plastic Components

Custom injection molding requirements can be very exacting and difficult to meet. Crescent Industries provides several injection molding solutions be it insert molding, over molding family molding or clean room molding to manufacture a various range of plastic products from moderate to high volume. Crescent employee-owners work diligently to achieve your satisfaction and produce quality components from concept through production. To achieve this, we use DOE, Process Validation, Product Realization, Validated ERP System, FMEA and Capability Studies.

Our facility which operates under ISO 13845:2003 certification includes 27 injection molding machines ranging from 83 Ton to 337 Ton. Robotics and automation are being used more and more throughout our injection molding facility to eliminate waste and deliver consistent components.

The insert molding process works with the placement of a metal insert into a custom-made mold after which the plastic is injected. This allows for highly durable products and eliminates the assembly procedure. At Crescent, we go a step further and manufacture the metal inserts and guides our customers through the entire insert molding process.

Over molding is the process of choice when a sturdy, easy to grip device that is resistant to shock, water and dust is required. This takes two different plastics and molds one over the other.

Family molding offers an efficient and cost effective way to manufacture a set of different plastic parts from one mold. The plastics parts would all need to be manufactured from the same material and then can be assembled after the injection molding process.

Crescent performs clean room custom injection molding operations in an ISO 8 clean room and assembly and packing operations in an ISO 7 clean room.

Crescent Medical Plastics has expertise in manufacturing devices such as surgical instruments, dental products, fluid delivery containers and more, giving customers the added benefit of design services and custom fixture building. For the best molding solutions, take advantage of Crescent’s sixty plus years of experience in the custom injection molding industry and benefit from our end-to-end expertise.