Injection Mold Building Solutions & Cost Saving Solutions for New Tooling Projects


Do you have a minimal tooling budget for your injection molded project?


Consider Utilizing Crescent Industries Extensive Inventory of Mold Bases. We have invested in a large inventory of master mold bases. Our master bases have a variety of pockets sizes and shapes. Some will house standard cartridge type unit molds, some have round pockets to house 2” and 3” diameter tool sets and some have mechanical cam actions on all sides. We make these mold frames available to house your unit molds and tool sets. This saves you several thousands of dollars when your molded product is compatible with this type of tooling.

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High Cavitation & Production Injection Molds

Crescent builds high production, high cavitation, multi-component, injection molds ranging from a single cavity to 96 cavities. With the use of computer aided software and 3-D simulation software, our injection mold designs can be achieved with optimum gating and cooling, easy maintenance and ensure interchangeability of parts between molds.

To accomplish the highest possible level of productivity from the injection mold, we operate sophisticated CNC programmed equipment to manufacture the mold. Quality sampling, testing and process control reporting using robotics and automated information confirms molds/product meet our customers’ expectations.