Why Crescent is Your Tooling Solution for Plastic Injection Molded Parts!

1.    All of our new injection molds follow SPI class 101-103 guidelines, ranging from 1 cavity to 96 cavities.  Sizes span from 3.5” x 5” up to 24” x 30”. We fabricate molds in a variety of tool steels and configurations which include MUD units, action, hot runner, 3 plates, unscrewing, hand loaded inserts and family molds. 

2.    Our mold design engineers adhere to part design considerations while establishing runner systems, gate designs, cooling/heating and venting for the injection mold.  They also take into account uniform wall thickness, if side actions are necessary and shrinkage/warpage.  Our mold design engineers utilize 2d and 3d software packages.  As well as mold fill simulation software to virtually simulate the filling, packing and cooling of a plastic component.  This data is then accumulated and analyzed; to correct or modify mold designs, to optimize the production process and cycle times.

3.    Crescent’s journeymen mold makers and machinists learn the trade of injection mold building and machining from a combination of hands on practical training and academic coursework, during an apprenticeship period.  This advanced training is necessary for crafting the precise cuts, with CNC machining centers and EDMs, necessary for the complex geometries and high productivity required of injection molds today.

4.    We have dedicated R&D centers located in our tooling facility, for setting and sampling.  These help, the mold designers and mold builders, to see first-hand the injection mold in action and then quickly make any necessary changes.  These also provide the ability to produce FAIR’s for approval, aiding in overall delivery and efficiency, of the injection mold.

5.    To enhance quality and workflow, our Project Management Office monitors the scope of the tooling project, delivery and cost.  The PMO, also, maintains communication of the project status, both internally and to the customer.

6.    Crescent offers minimal tooling budget solutions, with our extensive inventory of mold bases available in a variety of pocket sizes, shapes and mechanical cam actions.   We make these mold bases available, to house our customers’ unit molds or tool sets,  during production runs;  free of charge when your molded product is compatible for this type of tooling. 

7.    Because we have an on-site tooling facility, we provide an injection mold maintenance, repair and revision services.  With our documented mold maintenance schedule, we know when to perform cleanings and inspections, after a mold has run set number of cycles.