Benefits of Automation Solutions at Crescent


 We utilize the following automated solutions for our customers – please watch our video to see these solutions in action.

Automation and robots support our injection molding processes and post molding operations by separating the runners from the parts, feed and unload injection molding presses, assembly, sorting and packaging.   This results in greater speed, precision and flexibility.    The benefit is increased throughput and cost savings.

  • End of Arm Tooling is made to match the product being handled and can perform a variety of manufacturing tasks automatically.   These tasks include removing parts from the injection mold and placing in boxes, sprue pickers and grippers. 
  • Automated Work Cells – this are dedicated automation to perform multiple task and functions within a given project.  This minimizes the hands on involvement providing increased production and per piece cost reduction. 
  • Crescent owns several Baxter and Sawyer robots that are easily programmed to perform specific repetitive actions without variation.  They are extremely accurate and consistent.

Please click and read our automation case studies: