Crescent's Quality Management Gives You Security


Crescent Industries is devoted to providing a superior quality department and metrology lab staffed with skilled quality engineers and associates.   Our quality lab has sophisticated measuring equipment delivering accurate and detailed measurements and inspections to ensure each part meets product specifications.    

Inspection equipment includes:

  • Micro-Vue Automated Vision System has vision, touch probe and laser measurement capabilities.  Touch probe improves 3D measurement capabilities and laser measurements improve speed for scanning and z height measurements.  
  • Optek Videomic is a video inspection and measurement system that performs automatic, non-contact, 3 axis coordinate measurement with increased accuracy. 
  • We have Several Hel-Mel CMM touch probe machines which are located in our quality lab, clean room facility and our tool shop to be able to perform quality inspections right on location.
  • RAM Optical, which is for optical inspections only.
  • A Deltronic CMM is an optical comparator.

Crescent utilizes over 488 gauges.   These are maintained and kept in good working order through our in house calibration system managed by a quality associate. 

Our quality team utilizes these machines and gauges to verify critical dimensions on first articles, production samples, entire production runs and final inspections.  Inspections are performed on every shift perform by a quality associate.    With tolerance reporting, thresholds can be set to enable timely corrections to the process or when necessary interruption of production to minimize scrap and error.    

The Quality Team not only performs inspections of parts but also manages the quality system, here is how: (Total Quality Management)

  • Performs Incoming Material Inspections
  • Produce Case Studies, Process/Product Failure Mode and Effects Analysis and Control Plans
  • Coordinates Testing of Material with our Outsourced partners
  • Research Corrective Action Reports
  • Research Corrective and Preventative Actions
  • Maintain our Quality System for FDA registration and ISO 13485 and 9001 certification
  • Manage Customer Audits and Internal Audits of the department
  • Perform Validation of Molds for tool transfers
  • Provide validation master plans for projects
  • Maintain ECOs, document control and Quality Improvement Plans in our validated ERP system. 

Crescent’s extensive quality management system gives you security that we can manufacture your components within the quality standards vital to your project.