Crescent Industries Project Management Office Helps Achieve Overall Efficiency

Crescent Industries has a dedicated Project Management Office which consists of a team of professionals that are completely focused on development and timing.     Our PMO team is comprised of a Project Manager, Project Coordinator, R&D Manufacturing and Quality Engineer, Quality Engineer and Process Engineer.    They evaluates the scope of the project, delivery and cost.  They identify the critical paths that have to be completed. Critical paths are simply the tasks that determine the end date in your project schedule.   Crescent's PMO monitor these by using a web based project management server and Gantt chart.    The PMO then communicates the status of the project through the timeline internally and to our customer.

Crescent Industries PMO is unique, becasue we have 2 dedicated R&D centers located in our tooling facility for setting and sampling molds for initial mold evaluation and process development.   This allows the tool designer and fabricator to  see first hand the injection mold performing shot samples for evaluation. 

The PMO at Crescent also follows the new project "Product Realization Workflow" shown below. 

The Project Management office helps to achieve overall efficiency and delivery of new project mold builds from the design phase to production.   Contact Us today, to learn how Crescent’s Team can provide you complete project support.