Crescent Industries the Solution for Your Clean Room Injection Molded Product

The reason Crescent is your solution for clean room injection molded product: 

1.      FDA Registered and ISO 13485:2003 Certified

2.      DFM Expertise – Our engineers can aid in the early stages of your project with guidance for part design, mold design and knowledge of medical grade materials and implantable thermoplastics to ensure optimization for manufacturability.

3.      ISO 8 Clean Room Molding – Our clean room houses horizontal and vertical/vertical molding machines using automated work cells and end of arm tooling.  We manufacture Class I, II and III medical components and devices.  Some of these include:  housings, pediatric devices, in vitro diagnostics, medical imagining, obesity treatment devices, surgical instruments, implants, emergency room products, fluid delivery devices, fluid delivery containers, cardiac products, dental products. 

4.      ISO 7 Clean Room Assembly – Crescent performs simple or complex assembly operations utilizing automation and skilled labor.  We design and build custom fixtures to aid in the assembly process (i.e. Ultra Sonic Welding, UV Bonding, Adhesive Bonding and Heat Staking).

5.      ISO 7 Clean Room Packaging –  We have experience packaging a wide variety of products and kits to our customers’ specific requirements. 

6.      Ability to produce medical grade inserts for products – With our in-house Swiss screw machines, we can produce precision inserts to be insert molded or as stand alone product to meet your manufacturing needs.

7.      100% Quality Verification – We perform initial sampling to document part sizes, appearance and function.  And perform final sampling with documentation to obtain approval for production.     We will develop and initiate a validation protocol that meets your project requirements. 

8.      PMO – Crescent Industries has a dedicated Project Management Office that includes 2 dedicated R& D centers for setting and sampling molds.  Our PMO team is focused on development and timing for the overall efficiency and delivery of new project mold builds from design to production. 

9.      In-House Supply Chain Management - We use a validated ERP System to manage our supply chain programs.   We are able to provide full program documentation and component/device lot traceability. 

For more information or if you would like to discuss your project, please contact Kevin Allison at or phone: 717-235-3844.