Crescent Industries Continues to Invest in Automation

To offer value to our customers, Crescent continues to make an extensive investment in automation, robotics and end of arm tooling.  This investment included hiring an automation engineer and a consultant that focuses on programming our robots, enhancing our existing automation engineering staff.   

Using robotics and automation frees up time and resources for any required hands-on processes which improve consistency, repeatability and product quality. 

Automation and robots support our injection molding processes and post molding operations by separating the runners from the parts, feed and unload injection molding presses, assembly, sorting and packaging.     Resulting in greater speed, precision and flexibility. 

  • Crescent owns 2 Baxter robots and will be purchasingSawyer robots (which are1 armed robots).  All these robots are programmed to perform specific repetitive actions without variation.  It is done with extremely high degrees of accuracy.    These actions are determined by programmed routines that specify the direction, acceleration, velocity deceleration and distances.

·        Automated workcells are used to automate and multi-task a variety of functions within a given workspace.  This minimizes the hands on involvement in the overall project. 

·        End of Arm Tooling is the variety of options that are available to industrial robots and automation to complete manufacturing tasks like grippers and sprue pickers.  End of Arm Tooling is  made to match the product being handled.  

To learn moreabout Crescent Industries manufacturing capabilities for  your plastic component or device, please contact Kevin Allison at or call 717-235-3844.