Why Has Crescent Industries Been Able to Successfully Transfer Over 300 Injecton Molds?

We have successfully transferred over 300 injection molds to our facility for production because of Crescent’s corporate strategy and systematic approach to transferring tooling.  This approach ensures your injection molds will be moved through the process and into production quickly.   The Crescent team realizes this can sometimes be a difficult and stressful process for our customers and we want to make it easy by following our documented tool transfer procedure.

Here is how:

·        A tool transfer team is created consisting of representatives from the appropriate departments.  These team members provide input in their areas for supporting the tool transfer.

·        Project timeline and expectations are discussed with the customer and then handled by Crescent’s t Project Management Office.

·        A completed tool transfer project form is completed with appropriate 2D and 3D mold drawings and mold specification information. 

·        Part information is gathered along with the processing/production information, quality information and inspections.  Also, any secondary operations or equipment that will be required for the project.

·        Exam the injection molds for condition, suggestions if mold maintenance is necessary and develop a mold maintenance plan.

·        We will work with the customer to develop and initiate a validation protocol that meets your requirements. 

·        Perform initial mold sampling and FAIR.

Discuss Transferring Your Injection Molds to Crescent today by contacting Kevin Allison, Business Development Manager at kallison@crescentind.com or call 717-235-3844.