Your Full Contract Manufacturer for Injecton Molding

In order to support your manufacturing requirements, Crescent offers contract assembly and packaging services for your injection molded plastic components or devices in our general molding facility or clean room facility.   With the increase in automation, these procedures can be accomplished through automated workcells for greater efficiency. 

Contract Assembly

Crescent Industries has extensive experience assembling various plastic components to make sub-assemblies or complete components utilizing techniques like ultra sonic welding, UV bonding, air cured bonding and heat staking.    

Ultra Sonic Welding is a process joining complex plastic injection molded parts by a solid-state weld created under pressure, there are no connective bolts, nails, soldering materials or adhesives. 

UV Bonding and Air Cured Bonding is the process of bonding using adhesives cured by ultra violet light or by air.  

Heat Staking iswhen a plastic stud protruding from one component fits into a corresponding hole in the second component, the tip of the stud is heated to the point of softening, at which time , it gets flattened forming a head that is larger that the opening in the second component, this keeps the two parts form separating.  This is relatively quick and simple process, no extra parts are required to join pieces together and plastic parts may be joined to other materials. 

Since we have the ability and knowledge to build custom fixtures to aid in the assembly process, we can perform either simple or complex operations.   

Contract Packaging

Crescent will also package your component or partsto enclose or protect for distribution, storage or sale.   We have packaged a wide variety of products for our customers. 

*Kitting     *Security & Tamper Evident Seals     *Pouch Tray Sealing     *Bulk Packaging            *Customer Specific Requirements & Requests

In order to support your manufacturing requirements, Crescent offers several secondary operations to complete your injection molded project.  These include:

*Cap Lining     *Pad Printing     *Annealing     *Ultra Sonic Parts Cleaning         *Vacuum/Pressure Testing     *CNC Milling, Drilling or Tapping                     *EMI o RFI Shielding     *Laser Engraving     *Sterilization