Custom Plastic Injection Molding

At Crescent Industries, we continue to make extensive investments in automation to aid in streamlining our manufacturing processes and increase efficiency, resulting in higher quality plastic injection molded components

Our injection molding solutions include:  Over MoldingInsert MoldingFamily Molding and Clean Room Molding.

Injection Molded Plastic Parts Manufacturers with Years of Experience

Industries served include medical, pharmaceutical, dental, defense, safety, electronic/electrical, industrial and aerospace markets in mid to high volume production runs.   We manufacture a comprehensive range of engineering and commodity resins to produce custom plastic components.

We utilize both horizontal and vertical/vertical injection molding press ranging from 35 to 385 clamping tons with shot sizes from .25 to 42.4 ounces. Our molding processes are established utilizing scientific injection molding principles and decoupled molding.  Our employee-owners are trained in scientific injection molding principles and are certified by RJG & the Global Standards for Plastic Certification.

Because of our extensive years of experience with plastic tooling and injection molding our engineers can help with a part design for manufacturability as well as meeting the structural and design requirements for its intended use. 

Our quality certifications include being FDA Registered, ISO 13845:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 and our quality management system includes the capability to perform validation procedures and capability studies.

As a single source solution for our customers, we offer several secondary operations to complete your project. 

Custom Injection Molding Cost – How Much?

There are several factors in determining the cost for a custom plastic injection mold including: design, size and complexity of the project and time frame. And while some injection molding companies offer a cost calculator, we recommend you contact us for the most accurate quote possible.  Equally important, when considering cost for an injection mold it’s essential to think through the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This will help you reduce the total cost output when purchasing injection molds.

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Injection Molded Part Design Guidelines