Injection Molding Automation

Crescent Industries is committed to offering the highest-quality and most efficient injection molding processes available. In order to support our capabilities and the services we offer, we make extensive use of in-house injection molding automation. This ensures maximum quality and repeatability while reducing production time, improving efficiency and keeping costs reasonable.

automation for injection molding

Benefits of Injection Molding Automation

Injection molding robot automation creates several benefits throughout all stages of the injection molding process. With these benefits – which are passed on to you in the form of increased quality, reduced cost and shorter lead times – we are able to:

  • Increase injection molding throughput: Injection molding robots are used in nearly every step of the production cycle, not just in the molding process itself. By incorporating automation in upstream and downstream processes such as part handling after ejection, placing inserts or substrates into the mold for the insert and over molding process, trimming, drilling, pad printing, and packaging, we are able to reduce handling time and provide the premium injection molding service you expect.


  • Reduce part rejects: Injection molding automation offers repeatability and consistency throughout the process. These tools fulfill or augment the repetitive, high-volume tasks that must be completed with 100% accuracy every time in order to maintain quality – a difficult task for a human worker, who can be more effective in other, more complex areas of the operation. With the aid of automation, we are able to vastly reduce part rejects, resulting in faster turnaround and fulfillment times.
  • Reduce labor for injection molding: Labor is one of the highest costs of any injection molding process. Our integrated automation tools and robots reduce those costs by fulfilling the most repetitive, dangerous, yet still critical tasks, directing labor resources elsewhere in the process to maximize value.



  • Reduce overall costs while maintaining quality: At Crescent Industries, we are dedicated to offering injection molded products and services of unparalleled quality while maintaining reasonable costs. Automation is one tool that we use to facilitate this goal and through our mutual partnership we are able to share cost saving benefits with our customers.

Injection Molding Automation: How It Works

In this section, we’ll take a more detailed look at three unique aspects of injection molding robot automation.

  • End-of-arm tooling (EOAT): With interchangeable end-of-arm tooling, injection molding tasks throughout all stages of production can be completed by one robot. End-of-arm tooling allows robots to pick and place materials and products in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and to complete tasks such as assembly, packaging, palletizing and more.
  • Collaborative robots: Collaborative robots, also called cobots, are found more and more frequently in injection molding, especially in areas like medical injection molding. Collaborative robots are built to work safely in close proximity with humans, assisting in tasks such as heavy lifting and loading, finely detailed assembly and more.
  • Automated work cells: Automated work cells foster efficiency and produce uptime benefits by integrating various tasks or processes into one work area. With the benefit of interchangeable end-of-arm tooling, one robot per area or station can often be sufficient to carry out a number of tasks, reducing overhead and costs. An example of a downstream automated work cell might be a robot that picks an ejected part from the mold, trims and clips excess material as needed, performs an initial quality check on the output using automated vision inspection, packages the part and loads it onto a pallet.

At Crescent Industries, we have outfitted our facility with the right automation technology and equipment to ensure that you can get the high-quality products you need for fields like medical, pharmaceutical, defense, dental and more, all at reasonable costs with fast turnaround times. The difference we provide in value, documentation and service makes us the injection molding provider of choice when quality is key. For more information, contact us today.  

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