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Why Crescent?

our Differentiators


  • 75+ Years manufacturing injection molds and molded product
  • Engineering / Design for Manufacturing support
  • In House Mold Design
  • In-House New Injection Mold Builds
  • In-House Process Engineers to develop a robust and repeatable injection molding process
  • Molding presses are monitored consistently by Industry 4.0
  • Quality Validations and Protocols specific to medical and military applications
  • In-House Automation Team to create custom automated solutions 

What our Customers Say About US…

Partnership Focused

Meets Project Expectations

Reliable & Repeatable

Produce High-Quality Product

“My personal experience conducting business with  the Crescent Industries team has been extremely positive and productive… I attribute this to the dedicated people willing to provide that extra effort to make the customer satisfied and well informed. Truly a family experience rather than customer experience… exceeding my expectations on a regular basis.  I would recommend Crescent Industries to anyone wanting premium service, expertly built plastic parts and outstanding value overall….”

George Ellis
Purchasing Agent

“Crescent Industries is a supplier with whom we’ve built a strong and solid relationship over the years.   In addition to current business, we turn to them for new projects, because of their proven service, prompt reply and on-going support”

Erika González
Supplier Development Specialist Global Supply Chain, Strategic Procurement


Why Choose Crescent?

Discover the countless benefits of partnering with us for all your injection molding manufacturing needs and let us show you why we are the perfect match for your business.

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