Crescent Industries features in-house overmolding services to support our injection molding capabilities and deliver the widest range of options for our customers. Plastic injection overmolding entails shaping a new form around or over an existing plastic molded form. The process allows for different materials and shapes to be molded closely together without a separate assembly process.

Overmolding provides the benefits of strength, flexibility, protection, aesthetic embellishments, and ergonomics yielded by various materials and forms, while reducing secondary processes and ensuring a tight, permanent fit between the molded components. Below, we will explore the advantages of overmolding before taking a closer look at the process itself.

Overmolded Component

Benefits and Advantages of Overmolding

Plastic injection overmolding offers numerous benefits and is used more frequently in conjunction with standard plastic molding. We are pleased to offer these services to give the following benefits to our customers:

  • Ergonomics: Overmolding is frequently used to add features — such as grips and soft plastic touchpoints — to parts that have been molded from harder materials for strength. The ability to mold softer plastic over a harder plastic core provides ergonomic benefits in industries that utilize special instruments and high-touch tools.

  • Multiple material qualities in one part: Overmolding allows for the strength of a harder plastic for core construction with the flexibility and grip of softer overmolded materials.

  • Increased strength and durability: Overmolding can be used to add protective features to corners and other vulnerable sections of components that otherwise may be susceptible to breakage, vibration damage and more. In addition to increasing the durability of the part, these features also provide better safety for operators.

  • Greater design and aesthetic flexibility: Overmolding is often used to add visual identifying aspects — such as color coding — to parts. It can also be used to improve the aesthetics of a product.

  • Reduced assembly time and cost: Overmolding can replace assembly steps that are more time-consuming and costly.

The Overmolding Process

The overmolding process, in its simplest form, involves molding a new feature around an existing plastic molded form. Below, we will look at the process in more depth:

  1. Design the entire product or part: In order to be most effective, overmolding should be considered an integral part of the product design, not an afterthought or secondary process. This will enable engineers to envision the part as a whole and develop each component to be fabricated efficiently in conjunction with others.

  2. Mold the core component: Once the entire product has been designed, the next step is to develop the core plastic component. This component should be created with the next step — overmolding — in mind. This is also the time to ensure that all materials in use will be compatible with one another, and that the overmolding process will produce a tight, durable fit.

  3. Create the overmolded features: Once the core component is in process, it is time to design the overmolded portion of the part. This step includes mold design, at which time you must consider how the core part will be held or clamped into the mold to be used for overmolding. Typically, the most effective method is vertical injection molding.

  4. Finish the overmolding process: With the overmold prepared, you are ready to complete the process with a second round of injection molding.

Medical Overmolding


We can add ergonomic features to medical instruments or devices. As well as aesthetic and identifying features on products.

Military Overmolding


Overmolding can be used for grips and protective touchpoints on dials, instruments, and more needed in the field.



Overmolding can add protective features and vibration resistance for products.  To make them more durable for certain applications.

With extensive experience in these fields, our overmolding capabilities are ready to deliver the benefits you need to improve ergonomics, effectiveness, safety and more — all while reducing turnaround time and assembly expenditures. For more information about how Crescent Industries can help create your overmolded product as efficiently as possible.

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