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Our Resources Page is designed to provide assistance, and relevant information on a wide variety of topics to help your organization be successful.

Crescent Resources


Our Resources Page is designed to provide assistance, and relevant information on a wide variety of topics to help your organization be successful.  

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  • Design for Manufacturing

    • Learn about the importance of why our engineers utilize the concept of Design for Manufacturability from the very start of a project.
      Watch video here!

    • This guide covers the basic principles of the Design for Manufacturability strategy.
      See Guide here!

    • Use this checklist to pave the way for a successful molding project utilizing Design for Manufacturing principles.
      Find Checklist here!
  • Selecting the Proper Plastic Resin for Your Project

    • These resources take a close look at how to select the best materials for your plastic injection molding project.
      Watch Video Here

    • This resin raw material guide breaks down the different plastic materials and when it is best to use them. 
      Review the Guide
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  • Part Design Guidelines

    Learn about best practices for injection mold product and device design. 
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  • Injection Mold Building Resources

    • Learn more about the many different kinds of injection molds that are available.
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    • Sign up to receive this helpful guide about mold design principles.
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    • Having your injection molder build the tooling you need has some great benefits.
      Learn more here!

    • This video explains Crescent Industries’ proprietary Master Action Molding System, and how it saves time and money as compared to using a conventional stand-alone mold. 
      Watch video here! 

    • Learn 10 important factors that impact injection molding costs.
      Learn more here!

    • Get the most out of your molds with this informative maintenance video.
      Watch video here!
  • Injection Molding Process and Post-Molding Operations

    • Is it better to injection mold or 3D print your device or product?
      Learn more here!

    • This guide covers everything you need to know about plastic injection molding.
      Get guide here!

    • This white paper takes a deep dive into the scientific injection molding principles.
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    • As part of the assembly process and post processing services, learn about the proven bonding methods we utilize. 
      Watch Video here!

    • Learn more about plastic part decoration services.
      Watch video here!

    • In this video, we take a look at the most common types of injection molding defects, and how they can be prevented. 
      Watch video here!
  • Important Things to Consider When Selecting an Injection Molding Partner

    • This video provides some helpful tips on how to choose the best injection molder to fit your needs. 
      Watch video here!

    • This buyer’s guide further discusses the best way to select your next injection molding partner. 
      Learn more here!

    • Our handy tonnage calculator helps to determine the size press needed to produce your part or device. 
      Check it out here!

    • Interested in  medical device contract manufacturing? This information covers all you need to know. 
      Learn more here!

    • Learn how injection molding experts achieve product success.
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These case studies highlight our capabilities and experience. 
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