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Focused Factory Strategy | Custom Injection Molding

Focused Factories are dedicated work cells to make products needing similar operations in a "cell" of dissimilar resources located close to each other.  Tailored for custom manufacturers the produce a high mix of products that range in complexity and production volume.

Crescent currently has 4 focused factories in our production facilities:

  1. Post-Processing Focus Factory
  2. Well Plate & Strip Focus Factory
  3. ITAR Product Focus Factory
  4. Mold Maintenance Focus Factory


  • First Year Results of Post Process Focused Factory Included 46% Reduction in Lead Times & 21% Reduction in Scrap/Rejects
  • First Year Results of Mold Maintenance Focused Factory resulted in a 63% reduction in Manufacturing Critical Path Time for mold maintenance activities.
Focus Factory Post Processing


Benefits to You, the Customer


Increase Throughput

Reduced Lead Time for Plastic Parts

Improved Part Quality and Reduction in Rejects

Provides Innovative Thinking within the Focused Factory Cell Therefore Providing Continuous Improvement

Offers confidence in deliveries unlimited the need for excessive safety stock inventory.

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