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Design For Manufacturability Checklist for Injection Molding

Don't miss critical flaws in your injection molding project.


Check all of these items to ensure DFM success.

Design for manufacturability paves the way for a successful plastic injection molding project by identifying problems during the design phase. But the full value of DFM can only be achieved by using a comprehensive checklist of parameters specific to plastic injection molding.

By downloading this checklist of 40+ DFM parameters for plastic injection molding, you'll have a key resource for anticipating and identifying flaws in:

  • Part design,
  • Mold design,
  • Material temperature,
  • Injection pressure,
  • Cooling time,
and other parts of the manufacturing process.

This concise but comprehensive checklist contains parameters that should be evaluated in all plastic injection molding projects, as well as unique parameters for special types of projects.

Don't miss critical flaws and defects in your DFM process. To download the DFM Checklist for Plastic Injection Molding, just fill out the form.

Download the Checklist Today!

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