Insert Injection Molding

As part of our injection molding capabilities, Crescent Industries provides insert molding services. In insert injection molding, the plastic piece is molded around a metal component or other prefabricated part that is inserted into the mold cavity, creating a completed assembly in one step. Plastic insert molding reduces manufacturing and assembly time, and improves the quality of products and components through a single integrated process.

Industries That Utilize Insert Molding

Insert molding is used in a broad range of industries for a variety of uses and applications. Crescent Industries primarily focuses on insert injection molding for the following sectors:

Within these industries, the applications for plastic insert molding are vast. Some ways in which metal inserts in plastic parts are used include:

  • Strengthening the plastic material — Metal inserts can be added to increase the strength, quality and durability of the plastic material in use, enabling it to stand up to greater impact and more vibration than it normally would.
  • Inserting assembly components — Screw threads and other fastener components are much more secure and durable when manufactured from metal. With insert molding, the plastic part can be molded around a threaded metal core.
  • Knobs and dials — Instead of secondary processes to add knobs or dials to products, they can be molded into the part in a single step. Insert injection molding is typically the best choice for this application, since drilling or other secondary processes would otherwise be required to attach a knob or dial.
  • Electronics — The non-conductive properties of rubber and other plastic elastomers make insert molding a frequent choice for electrical assemblies and other applications where safe connections must be made.

While these examples refer to metal-inserted components, other prefabricated materials may be used, as well. For example, 3D-printed mold inserts can be ideal for low-volume or prototyping purposes.

Working With Crescent Industries

Metal insert plastic injection molding is just one aspect of our overall injection molding expertise. Our full suite of services deliver the high quality and integrity customers expect and deserve. Whether you need full molding services from design to production or are seeking assistance in a single area of your development cycle, we are here to help. Our services include:

  • Design assistance— We can work with your concept or design to evaluate for not only the molding process, but for complete custom manufacturing of your project- ensuring that you achieve top quality and maximum efficiency
  • 3D printing — Our 3D printing services can help with prototyping or low-volume production
  • Mold design and fabrication — Our quality promise extends to mold design and fabrication, ensuring that you won’t need to work with a separate provider for this key step of your production process. The design and quality of a mold are key factors in your production efficiency and overall ROI.
  • Mid- to high-volume injection molding — This core service is available for any quantity you require.

In addition, we can work in conjunction with your other manufacturing partners to deliver components or kits to complete your project. For more information, contact us today.

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