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When Precision Counts, Count on Crescent Industries

injection molding experts IN Medical, Defense, & Industrial products


Injection molded devices and parts call for a level of exactitude that is only gained from experience. For over 75 years, Crescent Industries has been a long-term strategic partner for our customers.  

When absolute precision matters in the design, tooling, and manufacturing of injected molded products, we have a decades long track record of getting the job done right, on time, and on budget. 

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Crescent Industries has been a trailblazer in manufacturing world-class injected molded devices and products. Our scientifically backed molding process guarantees that we will deliver a level of quality that is unmatched in the marketplace.  As an employee-owned company, we are proud to provide our products and services to these industries.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

For over 50 years, Crescent Industries has provided the medical, pharmaceutical, and dental industries with the finest injection molding solutions and services.  

Our team specializes in Class I, II, and III injected molded medical devices and components, utilizing a wide variety of medical grade resins. Our new state of the art ISO 7  cleanroom facility offers twice the manufacturing space than we had previously.   

Crescent Industries maintains industry leading quality control and inspection protocols, which includes IQ, OQ, and PQ validations and lot traceability. 

Wondering what type of medical & pharmaceutical devices we have manufactured?

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Military / Defense

Injection molded parts and components for military applications demand a level of precision and quality that only the most experienced can deliver. 

Designated by the U.S. State Department as an ITAR registered manufacturer, we have an unmatched commitment to meeting even the most rigorous security and compliance standards.  

Precision, durability, and functionality are the hallmarks of our Military/Defense injection molding solutions. We are a trusted partner by leaders in the industry for our dedication to the quality requirements of mission critical applications. 

Want to know more about the military/defense devices and products we make?      

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Industrial / OEM 

With over 75 years of injection molding and mold building experience, we have an unmatched reputation in the industry for our industrial plastic products. 

Starting with our highly successful Design for Manufacturability process, our engineers utilize the latest software tools for mold flow analysis and 3D modeling. This approach ensures that our mold designs meet our exacting standards long before production starts. 

We maintain our rigorous quality control standards through our in-house tooling fabrication services. The Crescent team measures the quality of our injected molding processes by Industry 4.0 standards and practices.  

Curious to the kind of OEM products we have made?

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Why Choose Crescent?

Discover the countless benefits of partnering with us for all your injection molding manufacturing needs and let us show you why we are the perfect match for your business.

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