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Assembly & Kitting Services

Plastic Injection Molding Parts and Assemblies


At Crescent, we perform assembly and sub-assembly operations to help complete your custom plastic injection molded component or device whether it's utilizing skilled labor or our collaborative robots and automation.  Crescent can perform simple to complex operations depending on your project requirements.   We use various plastic part assembly methods like solvent and adhesive bonding, UV bonding, ultrasonic welding, and mechanical fastening.  We also specialize in medical device assemblies which can be performed in our general molding or ISO 7 cleanroom facility.  

Insertion Tool Several

Crescent advantages



Custom Fixtures

Our capabilities include building all the necessary tooling and fixtures needed for the assembly operations.

Custom Operations

We do what it takes to provide you an integrated manufacturing solution from simple to complex assemblies.


Our in-house automation team programs robots and creates automation solutions for your plastic product or device.

Focused Factory Work Cells

Focused Factory work cells aid in reduced lead times.  We employ the use of strategy work when post-processing operations are required.


Crescent Industries Plastic Part Assembly Samples




We offer kitting manufacturing solutions where we put together a range of plastic products and others in a kit for our customers in pre-built batches.  With large production runs, kitting time will be further reduced because of the streamlined approach.  This process also helps to consolidate vendors by eliminating the need to have parts manufactured and then shipped to a different vendor for the kitting solution.    

With the use of our custom operations and functions, automation, and Focused Factory work cells, we can tackle any of your project requirements.

Medical Packaging Pic
Packaging Pic

Other Post-Molding Operations at Crescent Industries


  • Product Packaging
  • Parts Decoration
  • CNC Machining
  • EMI or RFI Shielding
  • Heat-Staking Inserts

  • Ultra-Sonic Cleaning
  • Cap-Lining
  • Annealing
  • Vacuum/Pressure Testing
  • Sterilization Ready

Crescent Industries Samples of Other Post Molding Capabilities


Serving the Following Markets


Medical / Pharmaceutical

Defense / Military

Industrial / OEM

Why Choose Crescent?

Discover the countless benefits of partnering with us for all your injection molding manufacturing needs and let us show you why we are the perfect match for your business.

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