Military Injection Molding

Crescent Industries is recognized by the U.S Department of the State as an ITAR-Registered Manufacturer and has decades of experience in injection molding and mold-building for the defense Industry.


As one of the nation’s top manufacturer’s of components and products for defense, we utilize The Scientific Approach to Injection Molding and have designed a state-of-the-art, highly-automated manufacturing facility in order to become a single-source solution for military & defense molding services. Therefore, we also offer ISO 7 or ISO 8 clean-rooms for assembly and packaging services to complete your project while adhering to the most critical quality standards that may be required for your specific product or components applications.

Our Military & Defense Molding Services Address Military Complexities

Meeting Military Specifications requirements consists of many things, but it all begins with precision mold design and up-front engineering & development. Our in-house tooling capabilities combined with our engineering expertise gives our partners the ability to work closely with an experienced engineering team to help develop critical components for “mission” critical applications.

  • Material Selection

  • Design for Manufacturability

  • Precision Manufacturing

  • Mil-Spec Quality Requirements

  • High-Level Engineering

  • Complex Secondary Operations

Military & Defense Molding Services
Federal Firearm License
ISO Certified
FDA Registered

We understand that Durability, Reliability, and Repeatability are paramount for Military & Defense Applications!

  • 1. Durability: These components come in contact with extreme conditions and must be designed to withstand harsh environments and demanding applications while delivering optimal performance. Our team can assist with proper material selection along with enhancing property characteristics.

  • 2. Reliability: It is of the utmost importance to be able to trust that these components will function without hesitation. This requires the knowledge of an experienced ITAR-Certified Molder in order to work with your engineering team to determine the ideal materials and processes required for your specific application(s).

  • 3. Repeatability: We have developed robust molding processes that grant us full control of the injection molding process to ensure quality consistency, component uniformity, and process repeatability.

In each of these industries, we know quality and precision are key for each component.  For that reason, we have on-site, dedicated personnel and equipment to perform part inspections for final product success. At Crescent Industries, we draw on our deep expertise to take on your project at any step of development — from concept to production — and are able to assist with design, engineering, manufacturability, secondary processes and more.

Our extensive experience in development and production has given us a deep understanding of what makes a successful process, and we apply the benefits of our CNC milling service to help you achieve that. Benefits include:

Engineering- and technology-focused personnel: Our engineers take a scientific approach to design and engineering, ensuring efficiency, quality and results.

A versatile suite of capabilities: In addition to our CNC machining services, we offer a number of other services to assist you in every step of development — 3D printing for prototypes and testing, plastic injection molding for products requiring both plastic and metal components, kitting services to aid in finishing and fulfillment, and value-add services such as finishing, assembly and packaging.

Manufacturability expertise: In bridging the process from design to production, manufacturability is a key concern in ensuring quality and efficiency during production. Our engineers take manufacturability into account throughout the entire process, and can work with you to apply these best practices to your product. Factors include mold design, material selection, production time, process choice and more.

Process flexibility: Whether you are completing all production processes under our roof, or need components or products sent to another supplier, we are ready to assist you in any way we can. Whether for the full design and engineering cycle or just for a certain aspect of production, our expertise is available to make your product the best it can be.

70+ Years Providing Extensive Capabilities…

  • Scientific Injection Molding

  • 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing)

  • Mold Flow and DFM Analysis

  • Kitting, Assembly & Value Add

  • Swiss-Screw Machining

  • In-house Tooling Capabilities

  • Product & Tooling Design

  • Quality Inspection

  • Product Development

Engineering Expertise

With our continued investments into engineering resources, our team has the expertise and technical knowledge to assist with your products across various stages and complexity. We love to get involved in the earliest stages of product development to make sure that our customers have the plastic engineering expertise avoiding any costly hiccups in the development process. We work directly with our customers engineering teams providing guidance on the manufacturability of parts ready to be custom injection molded or to create a mold design with the proper actions, gate locations, temperature control and venting.

By utilizing Sigma Soft mold fill simulation software we complete a 3D simulation of how the mold fills, packs and cools during the injection molding process is generated as part of our DFM analysis process. Therefore, problems or concerns can be solved before the parts or mold are even produced.

Engineering Expertise

70+ Years of Manufacturing Solutions

Through Engineering, Experience & Excellence…

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