At Crescent Industries, our quality engineering tools include PFMEA, Control Plans and Process Validation.  These are an upfront agreed upon requirement between Crescent and our customer with our SOP validation process outlining the minimum requirements. 

PFMEA (Product/Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) is a quality measure that allows injection molders to assign a level of risk to each potential point of failure and thus prioritize the most urgent items first.  Control Plans are the solutions to those problems. 

Process validation is defining the injection molding process which produces parts that consistently perform according to specific parameters.   At Crescent, our process validation procedures include IQ, OQ and PQ.

Our quality team operates CNC automated inspection equipment which eliminates the human element and creates measurement reports for quick repeatable inspections for even complex plastic components.

Crescent utilizes an ERP software system for lot number tracking, process improvements and solving problems before they impact a large number of customers or parts.

Our Quality & Facility Certifications Include:

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