Crescent Industries has a competitive advantage because we aid our customers in complete product development.  Our engineers have plastics and plastic tooling experience therefore we are capable of assisting our customers whether they have a simple or complex project.

At the beginning of the design process, it is important to seek first-hand knowledge of the injection molding process which can lead to better overall quality for your components.  At Crescent, our engineers utilize 2D and 3D computer generated files to maintain the manufacturability of parts ready to be custom injection molded or to create a mold design with the proper actions, gate locations, temperature control and venting.

By utilizing Sigma Soft mold fill simulation software  a computer aided 3D simulation of how the mold fills, packs and cools during the injection molding process is generated.   Therefore, problems or concerns can be solved before the parts or mold are even produced.

Our engineers can provide consultation to determine the proper raw materials for your plastic component’s specifications and requirements.As a function of product design review, we offer 3D printing services.