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Plastic Injection Molded Components Design for Manufacturability

Crescent Industries engineers having extensive experience in custom plastic injection molding and injection mold tool building. We provide comprehensive Design for Manufacturability (DFM) analysis with mold flow simulation that includes part design guidance based on product lifecycle objectives. The DFM approach allows for a proactive approach to resolving processing problems, concerns, or possible quality issues before tool fabrication and manufacturing begins. Our injection mold design engineers can work directly with your engineering teams to ensure the manufacturability of parts to be custom injection molded. At the beginning of the design process, it is essential to seek first-hand knowledge of the injection molding process, which leads to better overall quality for your components. 

Our injection mold designing team uses 2D and 3D models to create mold designs that include the appropriate actions, gate locations, temperature control, and venting. As a product design review function, we invested resources into 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) to support our clients with prototyping and parts for testing.

Our mold design engineer discussing DFM and how using mold fill simulation helps Crescent Industries eliminate potential manufacturing issues in the design phase.

Plastic Injection Molding Design for Manufacturability Advantages

With our continued investments in plastic molding engineering resources, our team has the expertise and technical knowledge to assist with your products across various stages and complexity. We love to provide our engineering expertise and get involved in the earliest stages of product development, so our customers achieve the desired outcome. As a result, having one vendor avoids costly development problems later and achieves speed-to-market for your new products.

  • 150+years of experience
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Identify design and manufacturing issues early to prevent costly issues early.
  • Dedicated R&D machines
  • Mold Trials
  • Sigma Soft Simulation

Engineering Resources to Help with Your Plastic Injection Molded Project

Part Design Guidelines 200 x 200
Injection Molded Part Design Guidelines

Every part design is unique, but not the elements for quality and manufacturing of your plastic component or device.   The guide provides tips on making critical decisions when designing your part to avoid production challenges.

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Mold Design
Injection Mold Design Guidelines

Crescent's mold design engineers review parts by the aspects necessary for injection molding. Studying these principles will provide a better understanding of the type of mold and why you need specific elements to manufacture your product.

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Press Tonnage Calculator Pic
Calculate the Press Tonnage Size for Your Product

This free calculator tool allows you to input your part dimensions and then calculates the press tonnage required to manfucture your ocmponet. 

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Master Mold Frames
Using Master Mold Frames for Your Injection Mold Tooling

The part, runner, and gate geometry are cut into standardized inserts that fit into the frame.  The mold's mechanical elements are part of the master mold frame and do not need re-machined for each new set of inserts.  

Discover the Benefits

At Crescent Industries, our expertise is injection molding, and our core strength is engineering. As an employee-owned company, our knowledge and experience form the foundation of our customers' success and, in turn, our success.

Our customer-driven mindset carries forward to every project we take on, to beat expected price through better product design or implementing an automated solution or QRM. We always take the initiative to achieve multiple wins for our customers' injection molded projects.

On our manufacturing floor, you will find vertical and horizontal injection molding presses monitored by Industry 4.0.

Crescent has over 70+ years of plastic injection molding success and is ISO 13845:2016 certified, FDA registered, and ITAR registered. 

75+ Years of Manufacturing Solutions

Through Engineering, Experience & Excellence…

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