Product Designing And Prototyping

Crescent Industries can tackle your project by establishing manufacturability of your part design.   Also, we support any prototyping needs your project requires. Our design engineers use a suite of CAD systems, simulation software, and additive manufacturing.

Plastic injection molding offers unlimited possibilities for custom-made products because components can be sized and adapted for any number of applications. At Crescent, we’re able to manage our customers’ projects from the initial design phase through to final production outputs.

This gives you the comfort of knowing that your customized parts are evaluated, tested and of the highest quality possible.

Every client has unique needs and quality specifications when it comes to their custom plastic injection molded components. In short, it’s not a one-size fits all proposition. Our upfront design support and prototyping services allow your business to be nimble when it comes to your project.

Industries That Rely on Injection Molding for Design and Prototypes

If you need custom plastic injection molded parts, chances are good we’ve got you covered. Crescent Industries provides services for a range of industrial sectors, but you’ll find our products primarily are in the medical, pharmaceutical, dental and defense industries. Because we specialize in this space, our team understands what it takes to establish a smooth project management process that results in quality components for you. Our team will work with your engineering and procurement staff to provide unmatched expertise every step of the way.

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Why It Makes Sense to Contract for Design and Prototyping Services

The world of plastic injection molding is complex. And industries as demanding as yours can’t afford to get it wrong. We take the guesswork out of quality parts by leveraging our injection mold and molding expertise through our Project Management team of engineers.   Your custom part starts with a dedicated  mold design engineer evaluating and making recommendations for manufacturing. For example, a part design might need tweaked for the injection molding process to be possible. Our goal is to make injection molded parts of the highest quality, while maintaining product function and aesthetics.

What Makes Crescent Industries Different?

As a leading plastic injection molding manufacturer, Crescent Industries offers an integrated single-source solution. Our difference is our upfront engineering strength. We contribute more than just Design for Manufacturing (DFM) feedback. We provide crucial guidance on materials and part features at the earliest design stages for efficient full production. As a result, having one vendor avoids costly development problems later and achieves speed-to-market for your new products.

At Crescent Industries, we pride ourselves on our high standards and quality customer service. We train our engineers to use innovative solutions to tackle complex projects. To learn more about the plastic injection molding process, or to find out how we can guide your custom injection molded project starting at the design phase, contact Crescent Industries today.

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