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10 Factors that Impact Injection Molding Tooling Cost

Discover the 10 Factors that Impact Injection Molding Tooling Costs

There are so many considerations that play a part in the overall tooling cost.  This guide focuses on factors that drive the cost up or if controlled can keep the cost down of an injection mold.  Depending on how many tools you are building every year, this could result in a minimum savings of $10K within the initial build and even more savings within the first 1-2 years of production.

Just a few of the topics covered:

  • Mold Complexity - complex molds lead to higher tooling costs
  • Runner Systems - There are differences to cold-runners and high-runner systems and the "right" runner depends on your specific application.
  • Mold SPI Classification - these set of standards on the physical tool construction and life expectancy, by selecting the appropriate "mold class" for your application will save a significant amount of costs by not over engineering the tool.
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