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Explore ADLM 2024 Expo: Diagnostics & Labware Solutions

Career professionals thrive on interacting and networking with their peers, and a great way to meet key decision-makers and experts in an industry is through international conferences and expos. They offer professionals a chance to interact, network, and exchange ideas. For professions in laboratory medicine and clinical chemistry, that's ADLM 2024.

What Is the ADLM 2024 Expo?

The ADLM 2024 Clinical Lab Expo is organized by the Association for Diagnostics and Laboratory Medicine, a professional body dedicated to clinical laboratory science and its use in healthcare. Formerly known as AACC Clinical Lab Expo, the conference brings together professionals in diagnostics and laboratory medicine. It's the annual premier global conference for laboratory medicine professionals.

ADLM 2024 will be held from July 28 to Aug. 1, 2024, at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. The expo is held alongside the ADLM Annual Meeting and Scientific Conference (formerly the AACC conference), which focuses on educational sessions on various topics in laboratory medicine, such as patient care, molecular diagnostics, clinical testing, and laboratory operations. It is the go-to event for those looking to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing industry.

Why Attend ADLM 2024?

ADLM 2024 is a great opportunity to meet other professionals and stay abreast of the latest science in laboratory medicine. Here are a few more reasons you need to attend ADLM 2024.

200+ Product Categories

ADLM 2024 will host over 200 product categories, including lab management, microbiology, hematology, molecular diagnostics, immunoassays, and blood gas monitoring. Lab managers, directors, researchers, and supervisors can sample the latest equipment and acquire some for their lab needs.  

300+ Expert Speakers

ADLM 2024 will unite global leaders and key clinical chemistry and laboratory diagnostics decision-makers as expert speakers. Attendees will have a chance to expand their educational experience through the numerous scientific sessions, roundtable sessions, and laboratory medicine exposition. Attendees can earn continuing education credits and continuing medical education credits from the various educational opportunities. The expo will also allow attendees to witness the presentation of vital research and any new cutting-edge technology.

The conference also hosts the ADLM University, which delivers pre-conference courses in the form of lectures for groups of 30–50. The courses focus on the practical application of key skills in laboratory medicine.

900+ Exhibitors for Solutions to Lab-Related Needs

ADLM 2024 will be the biggest lab show in the world, attracting over 900 exhibitors from all over the world who will display their equipment and solutions. Attendees can experience the latest lab technologies and equipment that exhibitors and representatives from different countries have to offer.

Being an international conference, exhibitors will have the opportunity to explore different markets and regions that they do not currently serve. They can also get feedback from laboratory professionals on how their equipment and solutions are meeting their needs.

How To Attend ADLM 2024

You can register to attend ADLM 2024 as an attendee. There are several levels of registration, including Chicago all-access registration, daily registration, limited registration, and guest registration. Once registered, attendees can proceed to make their hotel arrangements through ADLM. Although it is possible to make hotel reservations individually, booking through ADLM is beneficial because attendees enjoy special rates the association negotiated with hotels around the conference center. Attendees will also have peace of mind, as the association protects their reservation from hotel overbooking. All attendees who book their hotel through the association will also have access to shuttle services between their hotel and the conference center.

The all-access registration allows attendees to experience every aspect of the conference, including the expo, seminars, and roundtable sessions. The cost of all access varies depending on your membership status with the association. Limited registration allows attendees to sample different parts of the conference that suit their needs. 

Why You Should Visit Crescent Industries at ADLM 2024

As leaders in the manufacture of medical equipment and devices, Crescent Industries will be exhibiting at ADLM 2024. We will showcase our custom automated injection molding solution, which helped us reduce cost and increase efficiency in the manufacture of 19 different diagnostic plates. With over 50 years of experience in the production of medical injection molding solutions, we are confident that we can handle any challenge.

We are certified and registered by the FDA to produce and handle medical devices under ISO 13485:2016. To ensure that we offer a single-source solution to our customers, we also offer ISO Class 7 (10K) cleanroom assembly and packaging services. This enables us to fulfill your medical device injection-molded projects while maintaining the highest level of medical quality standards. 

We start with the equipment's design. We help evaluate the manufacturability of the design presented and advise on any necessary changes. We then determine the tooling that the design will need to be actualized. This is followed by process development and product validation.

If you attend ADLM 2024, stop by booth #3080 and discover how we can help you meet your lab-related needs with custom medical device injection molding solutions.

Find Crescent Industries at Booth #3080

Finding the perfect partner in plastic injection molding is often challenging for lab professionals. They need a provider with the experience and versatility to meet their unique lab needs.

With over 70 years of experience in injection molding, there is no challenge Crescent Industries hasn't dealt with, from commercial laboratories to clinical laboratories. If you are looking for an experienced and versatile partner, get in touch today and pay us a visit at booth #3080. Crescent Industries is set, ready, and booked for the ADLM 2024 Expo and we look forward to seeing you there.




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