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Understanding Kitting and Assembly in Manufacturing for Plastic Components

When it comes to injection molded parts, kitting, and assembly are important post-processing operations that require both accuracy and speed. Therefore, it's important to maximize kitting and assembly processes in plastic component manufacturing.

To enhance production efficiency, kitting involves grouping a set of parts in a pre-defined package. This ensures all items are available in one place, ready for use. Yet, what is kitting and assembly, and what do these processes entail? This post will discuss these procedures, highlighting kitting and assembly for injection molded parts and the benefits of using kitting and assembly services.

What You Should Know About Kitting and Assembly for Injection Molded Parts

When it comes to the post-processing of injection molded parts, kitting, and assembly are two essential steps. Kitting involves collecting and organizing parts from the injection molding process and other items into a kit to be easily used in the field or grabbed ready to go when a new order is placed. In addition, this step ensures that all parts are in one place. 

Assembly involves assembling the injection molded components as a unit or subassembly. This step requires precise alignment, pressure, and temperature control to ensure all pieces fit correctly and securely. The assembly process also uses adhesives and fasteners, which, when applied correctly, can help increase the strength of the end product.

How Kitting Is Used

Kitting is typically used when multiple components must be quickly identified and organized. This includes applications like the assembly of medical devices, pharmaceutical components, and consumer goods.

Kitting also helps to ensure that all components are present and accounted for before product use in the field.

Products Made Using Kitting Services

Kitting services are a vital part of the manufacturing industry. It combines single items and pieces into ready-to-use kits, making it easier for end users. Kitting services can include non-plastic parts and injection-molded pieces in the post-processing operations that help manage the supply chain and consolidate vendors. This service also provides an efficient and cost-effective way to assemble components for various products, such as medical devices, automotive parts, electronics, and more.

What the Kitting Process Looks Like

The kitting process is a highly efficient and organized way of consolidating multiple components, parts, and pieces into a single kit. It also includes systematically arranging these parts for product assembly or end-use . Non-plastic parts, as well as injection molded parts, are included in the kitting process.

Once the components are selected, they are inspected for quality assurance to ensure that all parts meet customer satisfaction. After this, labels and packaging are added to the kits so they can be easily identified and tracked. The result is a complete, organized, and ready-to-use kit, making it much easier and more efficient for users such as medical providers.

Kitting is a valuable post-processing operation that helps to manage the supply chain and reduce costs. It ensures that the correct components are used in the right quantities and that they are easily accessible when needed. As a result, kitting is a reliable and cost-effective way to optimize the supply chain and maintain quality standards. 

Benefits of Using Kitting and Assembly Services

Kitting and assembly services help to streamline production but also cut costs. The following are some of the most significant benefits kitting and assembly services offer for injection molding:

  • Improves Speed of Order Fulfillment Services

Using kitting packaging and assembly services for manufacturing plastic components hastens the order fulfillment process. Product bundling, which is part of the assembly and kitting services, allows companies to package separate items into one product. When these bundled products are sent to fulfillment centers, they can be quickly sorted and shipped as all components are together. This saves time compared to sorting individual components.

Additionally, kitting and assembly line services help to reduce expensive labor costs associated with assembling products, improving order fulfillment speed and efficiency.

  • Reduces Shipping Costs and Shipping Errors

Kitting and assembly services are efficient solutions for reducing shipping costs and preventing shipping errors by organizing components into complete units ready for transport. This makes identifying and tracking the components in the supply chain easier. This reduces shipping costs by eliminating the need to ship multiple packages of individual products separately. It also allows for easier inventory management. This saves money and reduces the risk of incorrect shipments due to mislabeled components. 

  • Reduces Overhead Costs

By using kitting solutions, manufacturers can save money on warehouse space, reduce inventory expenses, and lower assembly labor costs. For instance, when components are pre-packaged and ready for injection, less time and labor are needed to assemble the product. Additionally, manufacturers save money on shipping costs as bulk components are consolidated for delivery. This results in fewer trips, subsequently requiring less assembly time.

Your Integrated Kitting and Assembly Solution

For more information on other post-processing operations to complete your project, read this article on injection molding post processing solutions. 

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