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Plastic Injection Molding Raw Material Guide

Choosing Your Resin

Choosing the correct resin for your project will help ensure a flawless molding process

Commodity Resins

Resin material that is typically inexpensive and easy to process.

Engineered Resins

Resins with better mechanical and/or thermal properties than commodity resins. They are higher strength plastics and often resistant to high temperatures, wear, and corrosives.

Resin Material Selection

Successful part designs are built on an understanding of potential process-related issues, such as improper mold fill, flash tendencies, ease of part ejection, warp potential, sinks and voids.

Early resin selection can give valuable information that will help the part design, making the quality of the parts better and more moldable. This will help in producing a part that achieves its requirements faster and more economically.

Application specific requirements will drive the need for a particular material properties like tensile strength, impact resistance, ductility, transparency, flexibility, corrosion resistance and electrical resistivity.

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