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How To Find a Reputable Plastic Injection Molding Company

There's a lot to consider when searching for the right plastic injection molding company to manufacture your products. Your business partner must be reliable, reputable, knowledgeable about your product, and experienced. Armed with the right knowledge, however, you can navigate the search process quickly and confidently, forming a lasting partnership with a company that fits your needs.

In this article, we’ll help you find the perfect plastic injection molding manufacturers to ensure quality products every time.

Key Factors to Consider When Selecting a Molding Company

There are a few key factors to help influence your decision-making process and guide you toward a successful business partnership.

Experience and Track Record

The best predictor of a company’s performance is their history and reputation. The experience and track record of a plastic injection manufacturing company are some of the leading indicators of their expertise in the field. You’ll want a company with an extensive background in your industry. That way, they're more likely to be well-versed in solving challenges specific to your field. 

A plastic injection molding company with a diverse clientele can bring knowledge and innovative solutions from various fields to help you with your projects. You can find a manufacturer with knowledge and flexibility by considering targeted expertise and successes beyond your field.

Quality Assurance and Certifications

Quality assurance is another essential factor to consider. Don’t hesitate to ask companies you’re interested in for their quality control measures and how they verify final product outcomes.

Alongside internal protocols and processes, look for plastic injection molding companies that seek third-party certification and validation. A reputable injection molding plastics company will likely showcase its up-to-date, industry-recognized certifications that attest to its commitment to quality production. Look for field-specific certifications such as the Medical Device Quality Management System Certification or the International Traffic in Arms Regulations Registration and Compliance (ITAR).

ISO Certifications and Industry Standards

Keep in mind that not all certifications are recognized globally. Some third-party accreditations only hold value within a specific country, region, or economic area. Not to mention, the standards they attest to can vary widely and be hard to compare. On the other hand, certifications by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) are credible across industries and borders. These certifications confirm that all companies and organizations operate to predetermined safety and quality standards.

There are also many industry-specific ISO certificates that you should keep in mind, depending on your upcoming project. These ISO certificates have guidelines outlining plastic parts' design, production, and assembly services, ensuring quality products throughout the injection molding process.

Capacity and Scalability

In addition to quality, your manufacturing partner needs to be able to deliver the correct quantity of parts on time without fail. That’s why you also need to consider the capacity and scalability of injection molding manufacturing. Working with a manufacturer that doesn’t cater to your project size can be cost-intensive, whether manufacturing smaller or larger quantities, so it’s best to negotiate availability before committing to a long-term contract.

Scalability is also crucial if you plan on working with the same provider for years, as you’ll need to anticipate any future demand increases. That way, you can still offer your customers and clients the same product if you decide to scale up your business without worrying about starting the search for a manufacturer again while under time constraints.

How To Evaluate Technical Expertise and Injection Capabilities

Given that companies tend to present themselves favorably, it’s up to you to be vigilant in your search. Use industry knowledge to understand a company's certifications and regulatory compliance. Also, look into their past projects, evaluate the feedback they got from their clients, and find out whether they have had long-term clients in the same industry as you.

You’re also going to need to filter your search efforts by industry. Manufacturing plastic parts for consumer goods requires different skills than manufacturing medical devices or defense products. Furthermore, consider the materials they use. A good custom plastic injection molding company should be able to prove the use of high-quality injection molded plastic that will contribute to the durability and functionality of your product.

Even if a company ticks all the boxes, you can still go an extra step and request a sample from previous projects to examine in person. This can also be an opportunity to test communication and soft skills, essential for building a long-term business relationship.

Partner With the Right Injection Molding Company

Finding the perfect plastic injection molding service provider is a critical step to the success of your product. However, it’s a long process that requires careful consideration of numerous factors, ranging from reputation to acquired certifications and customer relations.

Crescent Industries is an employee-owned, USA-based injection molding company specializing in custom-molded plastic components. Thanks to our advanced engineering capabilities, we serve the medical, pharmaceutical, dental, defense, and industrial markets.  Allowing us to develop mold designs, build injection molds, and run production.

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