Glossary of Terms and Descriptions

Injection molding is a complex technology with possible production problems; these can either be caused by defects in the molds or more often by part processing. The Society of Plastics Industry produced a list of glossary terms and definitions for typical cosmetic defects for custom injection molded parts in “Cosmetic Specifications of Injection Molded Parts.” The definitions are based on typical terms used in the injection molding process and where applicable to post molding activities.


Resin Raw Materials for Injection

At Crescent, we know plastic injection molding offers many benefits. However, there are many considerations that need to be addressed.  Material selection is just one of these considerations.  Download to learn more about resin raw materials for injection molding.


Injection Molded Part Design Guidelines

Every part design is unique, but not the elements that need to be considered for overall quality and manufacturing of your plastic component. "Injection Molded Part Design Guidelines" will review items to consider when designing your next plastic component like:

  • Maintaining uniform wall thickness to minimize sinking, warping and improve mold fill.
  • Using generous radius at all corners to avoid sharp corners that increase stress concentration which can lead to part failure.
  • Incorporating sufficient draft angles for easy removal of the part from the mold.
  • Using ribs or gussets to improve part stiffness.


Tool Transfer Procedure

A documented procedure and systemic approach to transferring tools. This guide is a step by step walk-through of what occurs before your mold arrives at our facility and what happens through the production process. 


Mold Classification Descriptions

Molders and mold makers can build a mold in a variety of ways from prototype molds to high-production molds. The Society of Plastics Industry has provided classification guidelines for obtaining quotes and placing orders for uniform types of molds. This information is intended to assist buyers seeking guidance in mold purchasing.


Mold Design Guidelines

Crescent Industries' mold design engineers look at the aspects of the part that are important for injection molding. Through adherence to these design principles and best practices at the beginning of the design process will ultimately lead to better overall quality of parts during manufacturing. These "Mold Design Guidelines" will evaluate items like the following:

  • Gate Designs
  • Runner Designs
  • Cooling
  • Venting
  • Actions
  • Mold Filling